How I Work

My clients are my partners. It is my job to offer ideas and advice, not to force clients to take my suggestions. The process should be enjoyable. I like to form a relaxed relationship with clients, built on mutual respect. We will sit down and talk in order to learn about you and your style. We discuss the look and feel you want for your home.  The colors we choose will make you feel good; the textures we select will be pleasing to the touch, and the furniture will put you at ease.

I will take into consideration the number of occupants in the home and their ages, personal likes and dislikes. Adaptations can easily be made to accommodate family members with disabilities. I believe in “real-life” design, which encompasses both beauty and functionality. Each room should be as comfortable and livable as it is beautiful. Everything will be individualized for your needs. My ultimate goal is for your home to reflect your tastes. And as always, when designing a new home or reinvigorating an old space — it should be fun.

Upon completion of a project, many of my clients have confessed their initial intimidation to working with an interior designer. Because they did not know what to expect, they were skeptical and were not comfortable calling upon my services. However, when they made some mistakes (usually expensive ones!) they decided to hire a professional. Those same clients later revealed they regret not contacting me sooner.

Now for the misconceptions about interior designers: they are expensive and they feel that designers only work with custom made furniture which will subsequently be out of their budget. The reality is exactly the opposite. Designers are trained to work with a variety of budgets and styles. A designer can provide innovative and creative ideas for achieving a look which only existed in your distant visions. With today’s economy, you simply cannot afford to make expensive mistakes with the decor of your home or office.

Everyone must be on the same page. I often participate in meetings between clients and builders or fabricators. In addition to collaborating on the design, I can help clients to understand the plans, to ask the right questions, to communicate their desires, and to more clearly visualize what the end result will and should be.

It is important to clearly see both the forest and the trees. Much of my work with clients involves the selection of interior and exterior colors, fixtures and surface materials; fabrics, furnishings and accessories; artwork, and custom-made pieces. The key to successful decision-making involves a constant shifting of focus from the big picture to the small details. I can help to remind you of your original vision, to keep choices informed and cohesive in order to bring these disparate elements together into a harmonious whole.

A room entirely outfitted in furniture from a single furniture store would not add up to the room of your dreams. The key is the mix of old and new, expensive and inexpensive. Selective sourcing from secondhand sources like Craigslist, eBay, local thrift shops, and yard sales can allow you to change out an expensive element and splurge on original art and other quality furnishings. Weaving in a stylish and affordable piece from Ikea or any “big box store”, especially an item that doesn’t get as much wear and tear, will leave more room in your budget to play in other areas. We will also reflect your (and your family’s) personality by incorporating photographs, beloved hand-me-downs, gifts from your relatives, and collections from your travels and life experiences.

If I have finished placing a client’s existing furniture/belongings and we still need to fill an empty wall, I make a call to Paul Robinson Fine Art. This company is a great source of framed oils. They are located in Marietta, GA, but often drive their gallery trucks to the MD/VA/DC area. We can arrange for the truck to come to your home and offer personal one-on-one assistance. It doesn’t get more convenient.

Although I do not get involved in financial transactions between clients and contractors/craftspeople, I am happy to assist in finding them for you. My time as a designer in the DC metropolitan area has provided me with ample resources to fit your needs.

My professional memberships have included ASID (American Society of Interior Designers [was an allied member]) and also IFDA (International Furnishings and Design Association).

I look forward to working with you; please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!
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