Interior Design Coaching


Interior Design Coaching is ideal for the DIY homeowner who desires the expertise and guidance of an interior designer but wants to purchase furnishings on their own. They enjoy the shopping adventures — the hunt for the one of a kind bargains and treasures!

Do you prefer to develop your own interior design, but want guidance? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of choices available? Many people have a great sense of style and know where they like to shop, but they just need some help in actually pulling it all together. I will help you narrowing down choices and ensuring proper decisions. You will be surprised by how much I can help in a single hour! You may opt for coaching at the planning stage and then periodically as the project progresses. Coaching often results in a client responding “I would never have thought of that!” When clients do some the work themselves, it ensures that they feel ownership of the design and the space reflects their personality. This new collaborative approach to interior design allows you to participate as fully as you wish while being gently guided step by step by your personal design coach, Sherry Galvydis. You choose how much participation you want, based on how involved you wish to be and/or your availability of free time.

You will enjoy the satisfaction of transforming your home/office and Sherry will bring a level of design expertise in the details. She will teach you to trust and polish your style as she taps into your personality, helps you to define your taste, and builds your decorating confidence. Always sensitive to your lifestyle and budget, Sherry will lead you through the entire process, from a single room to a total home transformation.

You may implement my suggestions at your leisure, or I can supply more guidance and handle every single detail for you.